10 Tips for Selling Your Comic Book Collection. Sell Comics the right way!

Are you trying to navigate the waters of selling your comic book collection? Fret not! read this guide so you know what you're doing.

Are you looking to sell your comic book collection?

Giving up your comics may be an emotional separation for you. After all, you've probably spent many hours absorbed in the stories of your favorite comics.

But once you've decided to sell your collection, it's important to do it the right way.

This means finding a good home for the collection. For many collectors, it's important to know that the comics will continue to be enjoyed by other enthusiasts. However, you also you want to make sure you get a fair price for the comics.

To help you navigate the waters of selling your comic books, keep reading this guide for everything you need to know:

1. Offline or Online?

One of the first decisions any comic-book seller has to make is whether to sell offline or online.

The advantages of offline sales are that the buyers can experience the comics themselves before they purchase. You also don't have to worry about the failure of the postal service to deliver your comics.

Because of this, you could try selling your comics at the local comic store. Most stores like to keep stocks of comic book issues.

However, you should always remember that brick and mortar stores are dealers. Therefore, you're unlikely to get the best price here. After all, they need to make a profit on the purchase.

If you have a large and impressive collection of comic books, you may consider getting a stand at a convention. But this depends on the extent of your collection because a booth can be quite costly. Booths can cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

If you're looking to make use of offline sites, your first stop should probably be eBay.

If you're not successful on eBay or you do not know much about comics or don't have a following, you might want to try out Dylan Universe Comics.

2. What's the Condition of my Comics?

Most comic collectors take good care of their collection. However, only slight damages or creases to the comic books can have an impact on the price. It's important to be clear with buyers about the condition of your comics.

While many sellers claim that their comics are "mint" condition. However, in many cases, this is almost never the truth.

Some comic books are graded according to a number system. Near Mint is assigned a grade of 9.4 and up.

Nevertheless, it's important you accurately label your comics.

3. Think About Storage

Part of keeping the comic boom collection in top condition is how you store it. You can keep your comic books in great condition in bags and boards. These are cheap to purchase and will help with sale value.

However, don't put your comic books in used/old bags. This could affect the condition of the comic. It also doesn't look great from a buyer's perspective either.

4. Take Photos of the Comic Books

Many comic book dealers simply Google the comic book they're trying to sell for an image. This is understandable. If you have a large collection then it can be quite time-consuming going through everyone and taking a photo.

However, by taking individual pictures of each comic book, you demonstrate trust and seriousness to the buyer. This is especially the case if you've opted to sell your comic book collection online.

5. Include Detailed Descriptions

It's important that you accurately and extensively describe the condition and contents of the comic book product.

Many buyers are quite sure exactly what they're looking for. By providing detailed information about the comic book, you make it easier for buyers to find you.

Some online sites require a maximum number of words or characters. If this is the case, you need to make use of the space by only including essential information. This should usually include the title, the issue number, the volume number, and the publisher, as well as, the general story.

Remember to make sure everything is spelled correctly. After all, buyers will be using a search engine. If you make a spelling mistake, the search engine might not pick it up.

6. Distinguish Comic Books by Value

Many dealers also find it useful to separate the different comic books in their collection into groups according to value.

It makes no sense to file a group of comic books worth around a dollar, with one that's worth up to $100.

This way you can sell some of the $1 comic books for a single grab bag price. This makes it easier to sell comic books that don't grab the attention of buyers. However, most grab bags don't contain any more than 5 comic books.

Therefore, you can hide the less valuable and popular comic books away. While also showing off the individual comic books that are worth much more.

7. Group by Storyline

A group of comic books that have corresponding issue numbers can be sold as a bunch.

Many buyers are looking to build their comic book collection. They may be interested in buying sets to collect at a faster rate.

This also makes it easier to find online. Even if there is an issue missing from the storyline, trying to sell them together has many advantages.

8. Break your comics into groups if you have 2 diverse value groups of comics.

Many comic collections have tons of very cheap comics and some more expensive comics. Certain flea market vendors love buying long boxes of comics that they can put out retail for $1, or $2 each. Different people need different comics. Some people sometimes sell their best comics to us and then unload the rest in a bulk deal with a flea market vendor or they have a garage sale with the remaining comics for sale.

9. Sell Comics All Together if Possible.

This is risky business, but selling your comic book collection all together at the same time certainly has its benefits.

After all, if you need to get rid as fast as you can, then it makes sense to sell them all at once to the same buyer. This sometimes usually works, but sometimes doesn't.

10. Make Use of Social Media

When it comes to selling comic books, social media can help a lot. People are increasingly looking to social media sites like Facebook to sell and buy stuff.

There are plenty of Facebook groups on selling comic books and Twitter profiles to follow. However, you often to need to apply to be accepted into the group.

On social media, you may even find out that a friend is interested in buying from you.

Selling Your Comic Book Collection?

Now you're ready to sell your comic books.

With these 10 tips, you can confidently go off and sell your comic books. With this new knowledge in mind, get in touch with us to get the ball rolling with selling your comic book collection today.

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