Why Selling Comics in the Mail is the Easiest Thing You'll Do

Why Selling Comics in the Mail is the Best Option:

If you're new to selling comics or you're just looking for a better option than brick and mortar stores, you've come to the right place.

The comic book world has seen a renaissance in recent years. As other print media has been dying, comic book sales have risen to some of the highest levels they've been in 20 years. If you've been sitting on a comic book collection for a long time, there's never been a better time to consider selling comics to your local shop.

Your local mall comic book shop has been waiting for this bounce back for a number of years. With the increased interest in big-ticket titles like Spider-Man and a resurgence of lesser known characters like Luke Cage, all sorts of comics are seeing the added value.

If you've been waiting for the perfect time to sell your comics, you've found it. But perhaps you've wondered where you should go. Listing individually online is tedious and you're probably going to get ripped off on craigslist.

Here are 7 reasons to consider selling comics to local comic buyers...

1. Make Sure Your Collection Is Loved

If you've got all of your best titles individually bagged and boarded, kept for years in an ideal space, you want someone who is going to understand that. Selling them to a parent on an auction site who is going to give them to a half-interested kid would be a waste of comic book gold.

Selling to local comic buyers will ensure that your books end up in the hands of real appreciators who know the value of your collection. They'll store them well and will be marketing them to people who want them. Your well-loved comics will get a proper home through your local comic book shop. Take a look at a guide on how to sell comics so that you're properly prepared.

2. You Won't Get Undercut

Selling comics can feel stressful for a number of reasons. Perhaps you go into the shop expecting to get one amount and then they give you less. Maybe you've gotten offers from your friends that have been kind of insulting.

Your local shop isn't in the business of ripping you off. They judge a comic based on actual potential resale value and then give you a percentage of that price. If there's any discrepancy, they can show you why you're being offered a certain price.

They can comb through your collection based on quality and show you why somethings are worth one amount and some a little less. Perhaps you read those old x-men comics as carefully as you could but your little sister really wanted to see the first appearance of Wolverine right after she ate Doritos.

3. Support Your Local Comic Book Buyers

Selling your comic books at your local comic book shop isn't just a lucrative deal for you. It also supports the local comic book ecosystem. Your local shop is dependent on people with great collections to come in and provide material for them to sell.

While most comics aren't worth as much as the first appearance of Superman or the first edition of The Walking Dead, complete collections carry value. They could infuse the back catalogs of the store itself or could become something interesting for them to sell.

People love a complete set and the opportunity to buy one from their favorite shop is an added treat.

4. You Can Capitalize On Movie Releases

It seems like there's a new Netflix series or a new movie based on a comic book coming out every week. Having those characters re-enter the cultural zeitgeist means that they'll be hot commodities at your local comic shops.

If you've got the complete rare collection of all of the Daredevil appearances ever as the new season hits Netflix, your collection will be more welcome to comic buyers You couldn't sell with this kind of marketing accuracy online. Take advantage of your local comic buyer's need to stock what you have.

5. You Can Get Cash Immediately

There's no better feeling than getting a big stack of cash in your hand. Selling your comics individually online means that you would have to contend with shipping individual titles out and then collect small payments. Your chosen auction site could charge you per transaction, leaving you with nothing.

Taking your comics to a local comic buyer gets the deal over and done with. You receive cash on the spot from the comfort of your own home. It can be as simple as that when you're selling comics to local comic buyers.

6. You Can Get More Comics

If you're a comic lover with just no more room in your house, you could free up some serious space by bringing your collection to your local shop. If you're getting back into comics but you're not interested in the same titles that you were before, this could be a great way to fund your rediscovered hobby.

Usually, you'll get a higher trade-in value than you'll get for selling your comics outright. Talk to your local shop owner but it's not uncommon to get 20% more value in store credit than you would get in cash.

7. You Can Fund Another Collection, Hobby or Interest.

If you're done with comic books altogether, you can use the cash you get from the sale to fund another collection. If you've struggled with family, partners, or roommates about how much room your comics took up, you can end a headache for them.

You can also fund your newer hobbies without opening your wallet up. If you've gotten more into gaming, this is a great way to fund your gaming hobby. Depending on what you've branched out to, the shop you're selling to might have some of the stuff you want for your new hobby.

Take advantage of that store credit and get cracking onto your new thing.

Selling Comics Locally Is Easy

You could go through the work of opening up your own small shop on an auction site. If you've been avoiding taking on a second job, you can save yourself the trouble and just let a knowledgeable comic buyer bring the cash to you.

If you're ready to start selling comics, contact us today to help get the ball rolling.

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