Where to Sell Comic Books: In the Mail

Where to Sell Comic Books: In the Mail

Wondering where to sell comic books? Surprisingly, selling your comics in the mail is one of the easiest methods out there. Learn why and how here!

People inherit old comics in a variety of ways. What was once a collection of entertainment has resurfaced in popularity and collectability. Paired with box office films, comic books are more lucrative than they've ever been.

Perhaps you've found a stash of comics hidden away in the attics or you've pulled some issues from your own personal collection. Regardless of the source of your newfound goldmine, deciding where to sell comic books is an endeavor within itself.

At Dylan Universe Comics, we believe it is within every seller's right to understand the different ways to sell comics.

Read on to discover how many sellers choose their buyers and the tried and true method we stand by.

Selling Comic Books

The biggest issue a successful seller will face is deciding where to sell comic books. There are several options on paper, online, and by mail. To ease your decision-making process, we have identified the benefits and shortcomings of each method.

Classified Ads

Classified ads in the local paper are beneficial depending on your location. What drives people to post their ads in the paper is the extensive reach. However, the cost to continuously post listings in the paper adds up over time.

The truth is, very few people peruse the classified ads for old comics. You are better off turning towards your computer.


Amazon, eBay, and Etsy have revitalized entrepreneurship and selling. Today, anyone can begin their business in their armchair.

The problem with this is the lack of credibility with these buyers. The freedom of these websites poses a problem when you're searching for fair prices and reasonable turnaround.

Don't settle for the first buyer that you see. Unfortunately, many buyers on these sites try to frighten sellers, low-balling payments and footing you with the shipping.

Exercise caution and do some research before trusting your valuables to strangers.

By Mail

Selling comics by mail begins online and ends with fair payment. Mailing comics may surprise sellers who view this method as archaic. Instead, many sellers have begun selling their comics by mail because it is transparent and trustworthy.

The best thing about the older way of conducting business is "what you see is what you get". There are no room for games and gambles. When you sell comics by mail, the entire process is at your disposal. You and your buyer settle on a price, you mail your comics, and in most cases, you don't even need to pay for shipping.

"How Much Are My Comic Books Worth?"

This is definitely the question we receive most often. If you are a comic book novice or new collector, determining a comic's worth can feel like a job within itself--and it is!

Before you wonder to sell comic books, you have to understand what you have. Price points are determined by a variety of factors but the most common are the comic's age and rarity.

To identify your old comics, look at the date and even the price they were once sold at. The older the better. When considering that comics have been in circulation since the 1930s, issues from the 80s and 90s are not as valuable as the 40s and 50s. Be on the lookout for these old issues since they will be more valuable.

One of the best ways to determine how much a comic book's worth is to find your tribe! There are dozens of popular Facebook groups and message boards where like-minded people discuss comics, their craft, and dish out some pretty helpful advice!