Rarest Comics in Various Conditions and How Condition Equals Value...

Why Condition Matters:

Do you have the holy grail of comic books? Did you see your exact comic in the article previous article or a comic you think is valuable? If not, read the previous article, click here. Just make sure your comic is not a reprint(a comic printed many years later that looks similar to an original, but is usually not valuable). Condition is important for every collectible. A comic with mold, mildew or that is falling apart, or is "well read" is not worth anything close to a nice "brand new" comic.

But my comics look nice! They are in Mint Condition right?

Probably not.

Mint Condition is a term that is thrown around that is meant to say perfect condition. This means never touched by human hands. Comic collectors use a grading scale to determine what condition a comic is in. This is based off of how well the comic is preserved. Do your comic books have any creases, spine stress, missing pages, nice color, detached staples, rusty staples, stains, tanning, waviness, dents, or fingerprints?

When a comic is brand new, it is almost never a 10/10.

Here is a shortened version of the grading scale:

Coverless or (0.3): A coverless comic is simply a comic with no cover. Sometimes coverless comics will be missing pages. The grade of the comic is already below a poor(the next highest grade), so it really can't go any lower.

Here is an example of Hulk #1 from 1962, 1st app of the Hulk.

It is coverless and is missing an advertisement page. The seller sold if for a little over $1000, missing a page and a COVER on October 10th 2017.

A Near Mint Minus (9.2) copy Sold for $326,000 gross in 2014.

(Not Mint condition, Near Mint Minus.)

Condition does matter!

To be fair, the grades(conditions) of those two copies of Hulk #1 are polar opposites in condition.

Important: if a price guide says your comic is worth a certain amount, remember that is usually the Near Mint value, or even sometimes the Mint value, Not the Actual Value!

Click here to see the actual sale.

Let's look at an actual sale of a copy that is "nicer":

Poor or (0.5): A comic in poor condition is essentially a comic that has a cover, and looks really, really, really bad. Sometimes a poor comic can be much nicer structurally, but is missing one page or more. If a comic is missing a front cover or a back cover but has the other, it is a poor.

Here is another example of Hulk #1 from 1962, 1st app of the Hulk.

It is missing the spine and a large part of the cover. The seller sold it at auction for just under $3000, September 10th 2017.