How to Identify your Old Comics

Looking through your comics can be a difficult task. Here is a quick guide that will help to determine how old your comics are. I will be referring to cover prices. A cover price is how much a comic cost back in the day when it was new.

Do your comics say 10 cents? Do your comics say 12 cents?


Do your comics say 15 cents?

Note: We typically buy comics with a cover price of 40 cents or lower. These are from the late 1970's and earlier. We sometimes buy newer comics as well.

Do your comics say 20 cents?

"If you know the cover price, you can estimate the year of the comic."

Do your comics have a 50 cents cover price or higher?

This means that your comics are from the early 80's and later. These we mainly do not buy. Most of these are very common except for a few certain key(better) ones.


If you have 1980's and 1990's comics within a collection of older (1970's or earlier) comics, "Don't sweat it!" We will still buy them too.

1980's and 1990's comics are not old. They might be old in regular years, but not in comic years. Comic Books first came out in the 1930's.

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