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Dylan Universe Comics is seeking Old Toys & More.


We are paying Top Dollar for:


-Star Wars Toys, Vehicles, Playsets and more-1980's and Older.

-Action Figures from the 1980's and Older. (He-Man, GI Joe, Transformers & much more)

-Nintendo and other older video games/systems-1990's and older. (Atari, Gameboy, NES & more)

-Old Monster Stuff (King Kong, Godzilla, Frankenstein, Vampires, & More.)

-Old Superhero Stuff (Toys, Posters, Costumes, and more.)

-Old Themed Metal Lunchboxes. 

-Old Vehicle Toys from the 1960's and earlier.

-Sports Cards from before 1970. (Such as Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball.)

-Non-Sports Cards from before 1970. (Such as Batman Cards, & Wacky Packages.)

and much more!


Call Dylan  (516)-493-0383

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