Need Comic Book Pressing? Improve the Value of your Comics! All inclusive service. Just $10 a comic.

Join our pressing community and submit your books today. Just $10 a book. No modern comics please. Quick Turnaround Time. 

Please email a list of the books you would like pressed and any preferences you may have. We charge a $5 handling fee in addition to shipping rates for orders that need to be shipped. This covers packing materials and the labor associated with shipping. We charge actual USPS postage, if we quote you too much, we will refund you the difference.

My pressing case studies:


Comic before pressing. (Light shining on comic to highlight ripples) 

Comic before pressing. (Light shining on comic to easily see ripples). A press would raise the grade. Ripples are a defect that can be pressed out. Wouldn't it be nice to raise the value of your comics for a small fee of $10?



Comic after pressing.

Comic after a press. The ripples have fully disappeared. The comic has gone up 1.5 points in grade. Value increases from pressing.



Comic Book before Pressing and Dry Cleaning with Dylan Universe Comic Books

This comic book has some dirt on it. A dry cleaning(included in pressing) is needed. Dirt is a defect that can be removed through proper methods. The comic also had creases. some broke the color(white line where crease is), some did not break the color (these with an experienced presser can vanish...boosting the grade.



Comic Book after Pressing and Dry Cleaning with Dylan Universe Comic Books

Comic after Pressing and Dry Cleaning.(Comic is held under a lamp to make sure there is nothing else that can be fixed). Dirt has been greatly reduced. Comic is much cleaner. It has better eye appeal. The color breaking creases(white line where crease is) all flattened out, the white line was still present but yet flat. Color breaking creases cannot be pressed out, only flattened. The non-color breaking creases all disappeared. Comic has increased in grade and value.