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Sell Old Comics Here:

Email all information to

You may want to include some or all of the following in your email:

-Your Name

-Your Phone Number

-Where you are located (City and State)

-A description of your comics such as list with Titles & #'s.

 An example of a Title:

Amazing Spider-Man

An example of some Issue Numbers: 

's 7,8,13,14...

and any other information you have is always helpful as well.

We will also typically request photos of certain comics on your list. You do not need to take photos of all of them.


A bunch of Smart Phone Pictures are usually the easiest & best way to take photos.

We hope to hear from you soon,

Dylan and Paul.

Dylan Universe Comics is actively seeking comic collections. People sell old comics to Dylan Universe Comics because of our competitive cash offers, honesty, great customer service, and quick responsiveness.


We'll travel anywhere for the right comic collection.

If you live too far away, but want to sell your comics books. 


Do not worry! 


We buy many old comic collections through the mail. We send full payment first before receiving your comics, but after seeing a list, good photos or scans, and we agree on a price.

Find out more about selling comics through the mail here:

How to Sell Old Comics through the Mail Easily, and get Paid First.

Dylan Universe Comics Contact Information
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