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Tired of dealing with Store Owners who LOWBALL you?

Do you live far far away from the NY Metro Area, but still want TOP DOLLAR?


(For certain local collections or for large collections, we'll travel to you.)

How to Sell Comics By Mail-

Dylan's Easy 1,2,3 Method:


   1. You send us an email with your name, city and state,a list of your old comic books, and any other information you have about the collection. We'll ask you for pictures of certain ones. (We also respond quickly. :)

   2. We'll make you a competitive offer on your old comic book collection. If you like our price, (You probably will!) then we'll send you full payment upfront via Paypal. Other Payment options such as Check, Money Order, or Wire Transfer are also available upon our receiving your collection. Most people choose Paypal because they get paid top dollar first, quickly, & easily.

   3. You send the comics AFTER being paid.


You can mail them via USPS aka the Post Office.

(We'll reimburse you, if you tell us how much shipping costed.)

Alternatively, we can send you a FREE FedEx label via email pre-addressed to us. You can arrange for FedEx to pickup the package for FREE from your house/apartment or work. You can also drop off the package at a local FedEx. (All you need to do is pack your comics well, and print our label.) 

(For certain local collections or for large collections, we'll travel to you.)

Why Sell Old Comics & Toys to Dylan Universe Comics?


We will always treat you with respect and fairly. We know that the decision to sell old comic books & toys can sometimes be a tough decision to make. We understand that sometimes your comics may have sentimental value as well as financial value. We use a pressure-free approach.

We are dependable. We can travel to you, and will travel anywhere for the right collection.

We are one of the biggest buyers of Old Comics & Toys in the NY Metro Area.

Our customer service is fantastic. When dealing with Dylan Universe Comics, you know you'll be treated right. Honesty, Respect, and Fairness are our core values. This is not just a business,

but a hobby and a son-father passion.

Here are some Tips for Selling your Comic Collection:

1. How to Make a Good List of your Comic Books...

2. How to Send a Good Email about your Comic Collection...

3. How Old are my Old Comics? Use Cover Prices to Estimate Age...

4.  How much does Condition affect Value of Old Comics?

Here are some tips from our list above:


     How to make a Good List of your Comic Books:


List the Titles of the Comics:

    -such as Tales of Suspense, Batman Comics, or Amazing Spider-Man.

List the Issue Numbers of the Comic Books:

    -such as Tales of Suspense #47, Batman Comics #24, Amazing Spider-Man #9   


     How to Send a Good Email about your Comic Collection... 

- Include your Name.

    -"Bruce Wine"

Include your City & State.

     -"I'm in College Point, NY."

-Include the Age of your Comics. (If you know.)

     -"My comics are from the early 1970's to mid 1970's."

-What are most of the cover prices? (Look at the Comics.)

    -"My comics mostly say 20, 25, and 30 cents on them."

-Tell us How Many Comics You Have. (Just estimate.)

   -"I have about 250 comics."


Dylan Universe Comics
Dylan Universe Comics
1. Make a Good List
Send a Good Email
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